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tv   Bangladesh Today  PBS  February 3, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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don't mind that it gets the facilities but still i've got to the shore it she made it on. i like it their breasts. tests. each it adds that the cops in this episode we have seen statements that didn't go out as one of the day. the bnp jamaat alliance jobless and attacks on hindu was kinda on the beach. i'm uploading the metropolitan court has handed out death penalty to fourteen people including the john mackey is from the chief were peeled them on the dummy i'm gonna need all
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of the second test in his outfit without trace metal up this is one of the nation's biggest ever with this one case and the budget to scotland during the day has up to the seizure took place united liberation front of assam police was achieving chief but each one was sentenced today to see a few shots on this one he switched to please and be precise two thousand and fourteen to dote on me but deny its god meets me at home in the new stuff what do you mind sound and the mpv dough mix was a mind of the wood was sentenced today. two weeks but love and follow addition state to seek new one of me which i didn't change him. the two foliage and in school with giving death penalty. i did and evicted gender of the national security intelligence and insight jayden of the team and some of the day to up to date its
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gender of forces intelligence agenda itself was kind of junk. wanting to switch died under the arms act. but the imposition of fire downs and this pension policy acts nineteen seventy four full with that it's not the pc show was at the table top notes of the things which were hidden. i don't even know it just didn't get to the beach a good end of the discord as the judge but is blur love to hang out it's good. that of some but it looks as though donations hiking in some aged six to mid summer the city is yet to be. all those innocent people killed by a decent five devil to have b. but the daunting to summary judgment sum up from bed because government of india didn't want his boat into the songs on this amount to government of india and when she did it did give up what you can order two id who gets what is below. this is the boss of the gospel of god to lead or lead is this taken the step. and given the order we have the bed to go. yet happy but i don't think that
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is ugly come up from here. a huge cache of arms and ammunition including four thousand nine hundred and fifty sophisticated tie downs addition to its hegemony but teamed up with the jazz scene and it got its twenty seven thousand in handy dandy to look on his team determined to teach us that she did the new deal but denies it did seem intent. well let you decide if they did or did i think the bond issue would be timid. on tuesday could be deep fried in a statement to beat. intelligence agency the isi had to buy two more but one ditching the names of obligations in this site as a gift and that intersect addicted to do something had gone to london to meet inside the chance to discuss the ending will put all the appliances. you might get meeting to meeting and i decided that it is destined
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to do some hiking and did not keep any indication of what i mean it's not me. those meetings. this incident but getting good look about it the stairs to his body in two thousand and four. this boy don't they get into the action and existing problems with production government officials and intelligence. this was said to be invalid investment what did findings this almost unbelievably keys to coach up all the good the action any violent onslaught of the bnp did not die that is due to danny does being convicted is expected meanwhile in what could be seen as an important development. yet they bought living smashing his body couldn't make up its alliance with the is that ms giamatti is on the paci. the bnp chief has given enough indications that suggests that ought to be shot in the elections but she has seen us out on me again. the fear of becoming obsolete is probably come any of the npt if the chalk up a fist xd. in an interview given to fund education
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the cia has said and ninety two ninety nine he was not only did that in future the two partners could put it in ways that they would be any decent car to get back into distant bnp from the gym up the bnp is not anything from this alliance is tasty politically weak despite the bnp did not get an update for the invited attacks mostly on my knees got up on the government was successful in completing the people in the postcode unique tone and procedures to be that does most the bnp fee and in its dem on the phone what you'd like a mule to get the good government. so it was hardly surprising that in the same gender the train with his daddy. not the victim not the economy gets the chance to meet him he didn't notice that the turkish she did this to the venue. the deal
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the community it would suspend the bb blades in duplicate of the eyelids of the jaded by the gia but then being the god of order with extension media. many countries did announce the findings. the bnp took the celtic studies the jemaah he usd departments dumpty criticized the violence against nine other teams felicia and being. to say is you know resentful cool steve did it. don't know when to see the other guys did you know by now. to mark the start of the dash. is the oil market position. you know. for a better job what's being called to do so kitty and maintain their relationship with joe ma. and in the process has been the next cement. and there you know me and we didn't want to participate in the parliament election
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jamal is some validation also one of the ocean. and in the process the a d it has become kind of like a marriage of convenience. and i think he'd be set to music watching you and it is going on. the politics of bondage in the foreseeable future you know in the process fundamentalism. the rice and rice and a bit easier. lungs for one. this form. a cool space. it is. it's too long to see from that. it was c lynch and his conscience dynasty she has seen accurately stated that she would bake and the b and c to have a constructive dialogue provided that the puppy shot
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by vince and dump them to not be a semi she's written or use one to beat this season and has gone to the gym not in the empty spot. the bnp on that spot as olympus and don't make statements. b and b's acting six g gender. ms l cochran is not an md has said that the bnp will continue to maintain its dakotas and i intended or not he is not me however the suburbs on monday on a spokesperson of the bnp said that there was a big ideological difference between the two bodies the bnp north separation with the jemaah could be very difficult to stop the identities of the jemaah can only come in handy for the bnp. similarly the financial support of the jemaah gets from a fun and organizations is also accessible to the bnp system is to be seen with the idea that the eye is just indulging in bobby boston indeed it's one of the big debate. me my windows in on the days continue to be god it did when mark and twenty hindu families in stockinette
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escape me. secondly dire consequences if they do not be bought at bhp me deeply. i missed sunday he'll holmes in the gypsy. this is the message in the seventies it seemed as if that einstein it as a jest of it. got to see that which is known to be the strong board of the divine the study is set to be one of the sensitive eds about its endowment of the officer in charge of seven these days he said that at the time to modify to compete on behalf of the tent and if that means that the giddy up and that the pleadings were investigating the matter. he got his own nephew was a peep from the get bought up ideas and don't know what's got to spread the funnest best buds this extension to the petition said he won't be missed. some obama this is most gruesome violence but did not steal. the cost of getting kids to use is not limited to so keyed up. it
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doesn't just saw the ducks won't watch any attitude to the parking particularly effective in being vicious attacks on villages business establishments and pieces to push it up. i'm all warm and marginalized people in the minority. the action is going to youth and lynch because of one fall into the action sweet phone the skill. by this took place four in ten days to come. and we apprehended that long before. it all. so we had a similar situation the problem and actually true and two as well. he noted are some topics. you know of violence adopted. and a specialty in the minority you know what you said
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the unfortunate and bowling you know in a demonic eight country. these can only tolerate. you know doesn't matter who is behind such atrocities. they should be taken to task for tests. you know. we mustn't sure leniency. then we should go to zero dollars cost for such activists. this is is opting to buy and sticky that begin on that issue nine on the windows. but this christians since the stock is down days. kenya was hooked on to the campus into the country's hundred and sixteen million competition having to do much talking up the gym are being studied is due to the minority vote especially if the hindu was a bit of money is a link to an even stronger and the bnp lucky that i have been to most of the pieces with no
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money and with that. we did with messages of hope which has gone through most of the pieces. he was happy i am hoping to put in a little health food in pampanga. so they show is named tuesday the more sure that this is the head. the student group which has gone poof gone for the investigation had also true that this run and it came to me just wanna guess what he does. the hindu that fact in all the pieces the fussiness. bad though in come cases that would happen to the hindus would not opt not to run for whoever did that ended the match up to one or two a lead they wanted to go in for them and bombast and the event that one. around evening with dad the comp looking for. so he pees in the show off their own why hadn't he been doctored. i haven't gotten a phone call on one made it is possible
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and indeed that the hindus on the fourth quarter in part only. that is a tradition from last no more than forty years. so that's the sort of reason the hindus have been fat content. and he didn't lead a man came in at that the debate saying that to him that he did concede that can scale and cost. among the hindus who took the action that do not potable. and they love their ballpark to watch. all you do and how she could eat bread and one fumble. we didn't eat any more sugar and beat happening to most of the evening. the billboard in those homes. their business and consumer at that. i've only done when tony todd has maintained that he says is our sin and it is in the attacks of nine hundred teams will be shifted to its e g excited to be ridden dismissed get it in a bid to take clients. then tomorrow it's not something that is stupid but i made it into a vatican is not a crime scene
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that focused on up front she knew that it did on league with the gowns can not possibly have its foundation testing was anything but secured a deserved and getting a mention. that's all we have for you this weekend but nothing to do. thank you for what. it is. six season
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steve. the elect of god what an audio post on this matter. the studies are interesting site on the back button on the bus in kabul as i said he will not sign us security act under pressure. and to me. this problem to finalize its
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fullest and cousin fourteen team. gotten used to carry out singh said the tax and capital kabul. recently us the side bomb that targeted and on the bus in the city for people who wouldn't want to be there. we have reports she said. woman attacked enough time on the bus and calmly on sunday the twenty six feet four and wounding up to train to two people. that type one team just wants a baby seals did did he attack the testing of lighting upsurge of violence and conflict and is out of qantas time. but that was never a biennial moved in with the toad in the metros to show a plane thirteen men are much less i have less ability to make the trust god that the evidence is not good at that end up back in his advantage on that one that hit the shot more than i guess i'll have to do with them and the fun was it about us. according to the ministry of defence to amit close in may and two civilians were
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among the dead. some of those wounded which it into the nearby unthinkable that attacked. yet at the party that is the nice guy but you about what they say i'm a democrat who wouldn't it be a mom i know that it had something to get elected the cost of the bill was to set up in a bid to get them up but as much but me knew of a fish out that the acidity of the last of the stupidest about what i know i've not been set up a seat in the top of the net again. it was too good to step forward in others it's just twenty four i was in probably make a peace to love the incident supported by a security deal fish in its neocon kept it in the previous evening to ppl able one day in an explosion in the northern part of the capitan. but security sources said. and not get stopped tools to the airport without inflicting any casualties. as i said no pressure on psychological operations and force of august on to sign a security agreement with washington
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which allows u s troops to remain in the country beyond the end of this yet. let's take a look. in connecting with the media and goblins karzai said he would not sign a security agreement with the us under pressure she hasn't been much. shall we. but deep inside of it again the pa system the most he also criticized the door and embassies or financing tv ads your cause by oakley nicholls above the sink in with the pup. he uses it to pop. if the pup to adopt the worst the markets. with
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that. one or two. to which the trial. all of the tv spot despite does is refusing to sign divide into security agreement according to this pizza. this set of conditions but with so many of guns and second that the army would lead to fend off audubon insurgents. the dog had from the not daunted i kissed the f one ish enough troops us president obama and his state of the union address highlighted a number of foreign fighters seized including u s mission in the contest on the total joint session of congress and the nation that the us mission in the contest on this teensy and the american presence in the country is getting in it. he called on congress to close the us military prison at guantanamo bay in cuba. today all our troops are out of iraq. more than sixty thousand of our
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troops or more to come home from afghanistan. with afghan forces anomaly for the wrong security. our troops have moved into a support role together with our allies we will complete our mission there by the end of this year america's longest war will finally be over the uh uh secretary general on the fly rasmussen its cobbled to finalize its fullest cars and fourteen security deal or what. just as simple and generally twenty seven dollars cover to finalize a security pact with washington speaking at a news conference. investors in st of god has done good physical peak into the engine off not to support operations in that time. if it does not sound like the true meaning bond with them. for many reasons we need to know shorn or not. i mean it takes is three
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and then write it. if we don't have any legal framework and we can't stay in afghanistan after two thousand fourteen it is as simple as that. humans on the vastness and heritage of the jawbone of an agile forces some of the design would put him in the region match the financial support to the country's security. he warned that of god has done did not have the resources to fund its three hundred thousand strong army on its own. on saturday of congress and comment because i appeared to stiffen his shoes on if not to sign the d c the united states should use of guns time. and this concludes the start peace talks with the dotted line as i say pressing ahead with talks with the thought of on in color from nineteen ninety six the cool cars and won well scripted and to ensure that of god is timeless no luck yet but the weak central government. rasmussen also commended on call the stand to reason number of prisoners considered by the united
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states as a state of security it all. a system that of course on the feet they are released. merely based on imported because of the reasons that instead off day. at cooking them and ghosts through a norm or the eager that process. on january nine. as i came under criticism from the us often he said the country had enough evidence to try twenty sixteen off peak in the business of the united states considers a threat to security and plans to free the remaining games the united states has strongly opposed to the duties because it says the prisoners being handed over gonna stomp have been involved in the morning. what getting off us and cornish and coupes. call one of the coming economic girlie
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steps up to send and it is looking forward to strengthening trade ties with its close ally india. in other countries in south asia take a look. he did at the ceiling instead of coolness and cheerful funny stunt was the mission might he spoke about the importance of cooperation between sol campbell countries at it he says he can conduct some business kuantan in new delhi we have two big project right now. what is going on when to stop the edges of my son up on some parts of india gas pipeline in the second one is gasol one thousand which is the center of the ships of the show electricity transit coming from islam to be the two of the project but we'll bring that it would be a lot because the energy resources that then having answered to the shia is a huge bonfire and pakistan and india. so i think we can facilitate upon islam being the full of double vision. yet as
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the nissan want to boost be glad you are too focused on i'm looking forward to transit. this is the key to the law trying to catch it's a forced the climactic scene that looks ahead to the pockets comes the shell the city as a hub of economic activity. india is one of the biggest market for all or maybe cut in halves. tom will be exporting a lot to india tom and our fish food is coming to indiana in the palm of their client. i walked a mile on my lens and a hike grapes apples that coming to india. ah thoughts right now all of the on the problem is trying to get to practice on we're still negotiating with pakistan. one stock is sold i think there's a huge team on form in the end product inside upon islam. we can import a lot from india because then there would be competition between pakistani and indian products in the market. i missed sunday's yet to sign divine action seeks utep means that the us and to point out all forty troops made an etf takes its
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corny me. she said that this old streets of qantas time needs to be said for ninth to strengthen its economy ending if you tilt. right now getting new position with the us government was signing bilateral security agreement so once it's done so the size of the number of the troops that would reduce much of it when it will be compete with all bouts fought us the time right now yes we're dependent on the donor money. our economy is dependent on the donor money but to ask me and having the whites rich member of the sources inside the funnest on so we are expecting that to not demand rose and jumped in i compensate for that many would reduce eating it right now. i think that there would be stored on the economy up upon islam but they study and report its next round the thing which is the time to free him. improvements in the economy. when we have the opposite of the new john grisham from the color member of the sources at the same time we can utilize of august i must be draped on six and
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communication. and in the region. more to one of the nice time has critiques vacations from india which is under eighteen boys to meet this commitment to politics in illegal construction. my studio sheen and other infrastructure projects. what that got to the end of this week's episode of god is not a lot. i am what is not in seeking and he will be back next week with more news and views from a contest on the side and with the hopkins i mean. you do. i was
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little. it is. little. it is
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low. it is. church and some koreans are you. specialist your life economic social and cultural issues of korean society the horse. sundays at twelve pm. in. the i am i
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shh shh shh. ch. i see the seattle seahawks cause a major upset to crush the denver broncos as american folk will showcase final the super bowl the daily beast in ukrainian activist tomato glut of tofu rice into a need for treatment of the west and diplomatic pressure. french opponents of same marriage protest in paris and neil


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